Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With the rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, any company can post messages and updates on their social media page and use word-of-mouth advertising to spread the message throughout their user base, without spending a dime and potentially increase online traffic back to their website.

With the help of social networking sites, your existing and potential customers will feel a personal connection with your company, because they can interact online in a comfortable setting. If someone online likes a comment that your business has posted on their Facebook page, individuals can repost that comment, therefore gaining free advertising for your brand. Likewise with Twitter, if your business tweets something, anyone can retweet that comment, and start a following for your brand online, essentially creating completely free word-of-mouth advertising for your brand.

Social Networking Sites

Some of the most popular social networking sites today include:

Many businesses hire a social media marketing company to specifically work on their social networking campaigns, because of the potential client base (which eventually means revenue), that can be acquired by running a successful social media marketing campaign. Twitter and Facebook, arguably two of today's most preeminent social networking sites, allow companies to promote products and services (and the brand overall) in real time. While Twitter allows companies to promote their brand in a few characters, Facebook permits a more detailed overview of a product, and allows individuals to post on the brand's Facebook page, essentially opening up the conversation between people in a public way.

Blogs are used by companies to promote their products in detail and to reach a niche demographic of people, who are familiar with social media. Social media marketing firms create blogs for companies, so that people at different levels within the organization can continually comment on their company's daily happenings and keep their customer base in the loop on new developments. With an addition of user comments and guest bloggers Blogs can become a mini social network that further promotes your company. Blogs, if done correctly, can also help your business acquire new customers and can be linked with your social networking sites.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Here at ByWeb, we are well-versed in social media marketing services. If you hire us to be your social media marketing firm, we can train your company on the benefits and downfalls of social media marketing and teach your team techniques for having a successful social networking presence. In order to be successful online, it is imperative that your company employ social networks, COBRAs (Customers Online Brand Related Activities) and eWOM (Electronic Word of Mouth). COBRA is when your company posts a photograph or description of a new product or service offering, for example, posting on your Facebook page that your company has a two for one deal next Wednesday. eWOM is used when customers communicate about your company online, essentially meaning that they review one of your products or services. If the review is positive – then that's an amazing opportunity for free online advertising.

These social media marketing techniques, if used correctly, can help catapult your business into superstar status online. Contact ByWeb for how we can help make your business successful online through social media marketing.