facebook marketing

Facebook marketing: a virtual window to the world

As a business owner, you may not realize right away just how important social media is – but it can be crucial to your business' growth and sales.

By creating an account on Facebook, you are making the world more aware of your business and/or services and targeting a wider consumer base. But it takes more than just creating a Facebook account in order to succeed online. Once the account is active, you then need to utilize the platform as a way to attain new customers and also keep already-established customers intrigued by what you have to offer. ByWeb can do that for you.

Becoming Familiar And Real

Allowing your customer base the ability to interact with you in a friendly way opens up new ways of communicating with the people who help make you a success. When you post new products, savings opportunities, and up-to-date company information, you are actually maintaining a fresh, professional appearance – yet, at the same time, you are perceived as more real and approachable.

Be Creative And Have Fun

Using Facebook allows you to like and share photos, videos, and quotes and allows the public to see a side of your business they may have never seen before.

Each time you log in to Facebook, search for friends. When they accept your friendship request, welcome them to your company's page. To let them know you appreciate their support and as a thank-you, you can offer them a markdown, a freebie, a rebate, or similar business discount opportunity. You could even host an exciting giveaway or contest.

Another benefit your company will receive from Facebook use is that you can post surveys for readers to answer. This allows you to learn about the people who are interested in what you do or sell and enables you to make the needed changes and updates in order to meet the expectations of your new fans. Your don't have to do a formal survey with a ton of questions; you can literally just post a question for your followers to answer right on your wall. Easy!

Experience Endless Exposure

Think of Facebook as an online business card, a casual way to reach exponential amounts of people via a friendly approach. It's almost like a virtual Vendor booth at a business event. You "meet and greet" potential and loyal customers and promote new and tried-and-true products and services, as well as interact with other business owners in your field. The networking possibilities are limitless!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that all potential customers will just find you – be proactive, put yourself out there, and go to where people are: social media. In this case, present yourself to the public via Facebook. This is an essential step to advertising your business and/or services to the entire world – for free!

Don't Have Time? We Will Do It For You!

If you feel you can't squeeze in one more aspect of business into your busy day but would still love to integrate Facebook as a marketing and communication tool with potential and established clients, allow ByWeb to help.