Website creation
website development

Give Power To Your Brand And Win More Customers

Do you know that around 30% of small and medium businesses still don’t have a website and still believe that the web is not for them?

You as a small to medium business owner cannot afford to ignore the benefits of having a well formulated and executed web presence to take advantage of the exploding smart phone search and buy phenomenon.

Whereas in the past people looking for a local business would probably look in their local paper or Yellow Pages directory, today, they’ll pull out their smart phone and search online. The first place they’ll probably look is the results presented by Google, which will be the pages they created from offline directory information.

This is something over which you have no control unless you get in there and take control. So claim your Google places listing. SEO is what you do to make your website more appealing to the search engines, it’s about creating a website that is clear in its purpose. Relevant to its keywords and useful to its visitors.

If you are looking for your place in Google, Digital Agency ByWeb is the company for you. With over 300 customers happy with their online presence, we are the right solution no matter if you are small, medium or large business. Contact us today!