Resume PHP-programmer Laravel + VUE

  • Name: Alexander
  • Male, 39 years old, born on December 19, 1983.  

Employment: full timeSchedule: full timeExperience: 11 years 8 months:   

  • ByWeb web studio   

Current position: server administrator (WEB) 1 category   

✅️ Development of websites, trading bots for cryptocurrency exchanges (Full-Stack) on Laravel  

✅️ Full-Stack website development Laravel, CMS: Joomla, OpenCart, WordPress, etc.

About me

✅️ Working environment: phpstorm, git, mysql (workbench, phpmyadmin), putty, (open server or ubuntu server apache), composer, notepad++, photoshop (for design), exel;

✅️ Laravel + VUE + bootstrap framework development;

✅️ Development and revision of turnkey sites CMS: Joomla + (VirtueMart), WordPress, OpenCart (OcStore) + filling and promotion.

✅️ Development of trading bot with CMS for holding orders at the rate and positions in the trading stack. Development in native php (MVC) + cron + interfacing to WebMoney API. Product withdrawal on self-repayment. Currently rewriting in Laravel + Bootstrap.

✅️ Development of PHP content parsers for integration with MySQL database + image processing automation with further transferring and sorting on hosting.

✅️ Templates customization for any popular CMS and lead them to UX/UI-friendly look.

✅️ Development php-bots integration with API.

✅️ Ubuntu Server (LAMP + Tomcat) environment deployment for Java web solutions, PHP, DDoS protection, virtual host management and deployment.

✅️ Design technical solutions together with development team, describe TOR and API documentation.

✅️ Ability to analyze a business problem and translate it into the "language" of developers, design and describe a design solution.

✅️ Test the developed functionality.

✅️ Provide consulting services and technical support to end product customers.

✅️ Web design (Photoshop, Figma) + CSS, template customization;

✅️ SEO-exit in the top-10 high-frequency queries in search engines;

✅️ Competitor and demand analytics;

✅️ Contextual advertising setup with the selection of the semantic core and clustering queries.

✅️ Support and maintenance of IT solutions from the first to the fourth line L1-L4, depending on the company's workload and business processes.