Customizing and Developing a Wordpress Website
Customizing and Developing a Wordpress Website

Customizing and Developing a Wordpress Website

People have been using WordPress to develop their blogs for years, but it is now becoming more common to use WordPress to bring your entire business online. WordPress is now a complete content management system that you can use to build your company's website in a few easy steps. WordPress is an incredibly versatile content management system with countless new plug ins being developed daily, so you will always have the ability to upgrade and enhance your website.

Easy to use

WordPress is by far the easiest content management system available. The visual admin panel makes navigating your pages and blog posts a breeze. You can easily categorize your blog posts, edit existing content, add images and videos, all from a visual editor that is as easy to operate as any word processor software.

Easy To Modify

Developing a website using WordPress is much more cost-effective than using other content management systems. It is an open source software that is free to download and use, saving you thousands of dollars. When using WordPress, you can install plug ins to your WordPress site quickly and easily, without having to pay a web developer in order for him to create custom functionality for you. Your website will grow with your company as time goes on and your business changes. Below are just some examples of expanded functionality available through plug ins.

  • Blog Management – with countless plug ins that help you making your blog as interactive as possible, you will tremendously increase your readership.
  • Social Media Integration – add social media sharing options, feature feeds from your Twitter or Facebook accounts, and allow your users to share your content on their choice of social network with a single click. All of this will keep your visitors actively engaged with your site and engaged users are much more likely to convert to paying customers.
  • Slideshow Plug ins – Now you can further accent your website by strategically placing slideshows to showcase the most important information that you want to draw your visitors attention to. And with an infinite number of transitions, controls, framing options, and visual effects, your slideshow will dazzle your audience.
  • Gallery Plug ins – These plug ins will allow you to visually showcase your products or your services. The most effective communication is achieved visually and having a great gallery with many customization options will have a lasting impact and help your visitors in making purchasing decisions.
  • SEO - WordPress is already built with SEO in mind but with additional plug ins you can further enhance your site's search rankings. With many analytical options available as plug ins, you will always have the most optimized content giving you a much needed traffic boost.

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Security & Control

Finally, using WordPress programming allows you to decide on the permission levels of who can and can't post comments on your website and give employees individual log-in information, so that everyone can update, blog, and post individually in a controlled environment. You can control the flow of comments that readers leave on your blog and further increase the weight of your content.