Integrating Social Media
Integrating Social Media

Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

It’s difficult to ignore the important and relevance of social media when thinking about website design and development. Almost every website incorporates social media into its design and includes copy such as, “Follow Us” or “Share This.”

At ByWeb, we believe that integrating social media into the design of your website will earn you more business in the long-term and build a positive reputation for your business. That’s why, here at ByWeb, we ensure that your website is not only perfectly designed and well-executed, but we understand the importance of integrating social media into your website from day one. We believe that your website’s content should be well written, which should encourage followers to want to share your content, when social media is integrated. Plus, if you stay on top of your social media, it can drive traffic to your site, increasing your company’s visibility online, gaining you more business in the long-term.

Here’s how to integrate social media into your website:

  • Include Buttons — Make sure that social media buttons are interspersed evenly throughout your website. Make it easy for people to share your content, by including social media buttons below or beside content. Don’t include buttons for social media networks you do not actively update, as you don’t want your followers to think you are not on top of your business.
  • Don’t Overwhelm – There is no need to include social media buttons all over your website, where they are irrelevant. Keep it subtle and place social media buttonswhere it is convenient for people to share your content.
  • Track Your Users – Take note of the way people navigate around your website and use your social media buttons. Are people sharing your content? Do people go to your social media pages to check out your company after visiting your website? Take note of this information and make appropriate changes depending on your findings.
  • Stay in Touch – Keep in contact with your social media followers. If you write a blog post, Tweet about it. If there is an important piece of industry news, share it via Facebook. This lets your followers know that you’re staying on top of your business and you’re an authority figure on the latest industry trends and news.
  • Builds Your Business – When you spend time integrating social media into your website, you build your online network of customers and potential customers.