Graphic design
Graphic design

Graphic Design in New York USA

Our aim is to provide quality products backed with extraordinary service and support. Our highly skilled graphic designers and programmers will take care of all of your needs of every aspect of a project.

We share with you some of the main rules, well-tried trough our 10-years experience in Web site design:

Graphics Impact

Image processing is an important part of good website design. The goal is to create crisp, bright images that are relatively small and download quickly. Proper Image Processing is an integral part of good web site construction.

The process is complicated by the fact that these dual goals of creating clear, high-quality images and minimising the size if the image files are contradictory. We can create original graphics, or work with artwork supplied to us by your graphic artist as prints, photos, or as digital image files. If we are starting with a high-resolution digital image or scanning a high-resolution print or photo we reduce the image to a low-resolution format.

If you want images created, converted, or otherwise modified, processed or enhanced, give us a call. We'll give you great-looking images that download quickly.

Logo Design

No logo is too simple or too complex. We can work with any copy or sketch. Or we could make one from scratch. Once the logo is created we can generate thousands of different variations of the logo at any resolution to match the purpose you have in mind. Our experience proved that the overly busy logos are very confusing, hard to reproduce and often confuse the viewer. The most important thing, we always do, is to implement semiotics in the logo so that the created logo to became a symbol for your service or your company. here are some of other our guidelines, we follow when our designers are developing your logo design conception.

  • Keep the Design Simple – Overly busy logos are very confusing, hard to reproduce and often confuse the viewer;
  • Implement Symbology – use objects symbolising the trade or the organization;
  • Identify its Uniqueness – too many logos are created with simple lettering or symbols that resemble too many other logos and do not "trademark" a business or organisation properly. Every time someone sees your logos they should always think of you.