Great copywriting equals more business

Great copywriting equals more business

Your website is one of the ways that potential customers find you, it's also one of the ways that potential customers will judge you. Whether you're trying to change opinions or make a sale, making a good first impression is critical. A site with a clear, concise, professional copywriting can be the difference between being perceived as a legitimate business organization and being seen as three kids in the basement in Fresno.

After all, whom would you trust to write the content for your site? Would you trust a site with copy that looked like what is in the quotes below?

“Welcome, to the end-of-the-year-extravaganza-sale, where all of you’re Widget needs will be met. Some meat sara, our newest model of widget and find out how they can make your production-process simpler.”

You most certainly would not trust a site whose copy was riddled with mistakes like the ones you will find in the quoted sentences. They seen unprofessional, and more than that they just seem wrong. Without looking hard, I would bet you could spot at least four mistakes in that copy. Now, go and look at a site you do business with. Pull up any four lines. You will notice their copy is free or errors and cleanly written.

One of the major advantages in working with ByWeb, instead of working with an independent web developer, is that we can provide you with professional copywriting services. These services will help you to get your brand message across your customers in a way that is professional, persuasive and clear. Of course if you have your own copywriter, or pre-generated text you'd like to work with will be more than happy to work with that too.


SEO copywriting for the web is the technique of writing interesting copy with the correct keywords for an online audience. Using search engine optimization improves traffic to your site, which will earn you higher revenue over time. When writing effective copy for the web, it is really important to include targeted search terms in order to have a high search engine result ranking – but the balance between copy that people want to read and copy that ranks high in search engines is not easy. As a result, there are certain rules that should be followed when writing effective copy for search engine optimization. It is recommended that you hire a company like Byweb that is well versed in professional copywriting for SEO, to get the most out of your online business and earn higher revenue.

Rules for Effective Copywriting for SEO:

Keyword Research

Firstly, you should do some research to try to ascertain which keywords and phrases people use when searching for your product or service. Those keywords and phrases should then be incorporated into the copy on your website. You can use Google Search and Google Adwords to determine keywords and their popularity. And of course we offer comprehensive keyword research services to any of our clients that require it.

Be Descriptive

Description is essential. The more text you have the better, as those are the links that appear at the top of search engine results. So be descriptive in your writing to get noticed and leave an impression.

Be Original

Search engines like originality. If your site copy is plagiarized or paraphrased your search engine position will be penalized. Don't let this happen to you – make sure your content and site design are original.


Use two or three keywords throughout every page of your website, but not more. If you include more, the search engine may not be able to find the keywords that are most relevant and will therefore place your website lower in the search results. Search engines also penalize for keyword stuffing – a practice of stuffing online copy with non relevant keywords.

All of the keywords should also be included in page titles, HTML headings, meta keywords and meta descriptions. Page titles are what appear in search results, so the title must be intriguing enough to capture the reader's attention and get them to click through. The density of the keywords should be higher for the page's most important terms.

Lets Work Together

A lot of work goes into effective copywriting for search engine optimization and at Byweb, our copywriters will work with you to determine the best keywords to appropriately market your business. We'll then use keyword tools in order to determine the best phrases to promote your business online. Our copywriter will work with our designer to write text and design a website that search engines will love.

However, just getting a website to rank highly in a search is not good enough. The key measure of successful online copywriting is to produce well-written copy of course, which intrigues readers and essentially promotes your business as the authority on a product or service.