Keyword Selection
Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection

When you think of your company's product or service, what are the first words that come to mind? What words would you like your company to be associated with? What keywords are being exploited by your competition? How can you discover what keywords your competitors are focusing on-and beat them at their own game?

The answer is Digital Agency ByWeb and our keyword research service.

Selection And Density

The right keywords for your company's website are not just arbitrarily selected. Digital Agency ByWeb works with you on a number of different levels to maximize your search engine results for the right keywords. The first level is working with clients to determine a number of focused and broad keywords that they explicitly want. The second level is an analysis of your competition to see what they are emphasizing and how you can exceed their results. The third level is an analysis of your current site to determine what is currently working and not working for your site.

Once these three levels have been identified, we analyzes and consolidates the information to determine the perfect selection of keywords to emphasize. This select group of keywords will have been researched thoroughly to understand what your potential clients are looking for when they type them into a search engine. Digital Agency ByWeb keyword research uses dual-pronged approach to understand what your readers are thinking while strategically driving quality traffic to your site.

Because Digital Agency ByWeb works with clients on a month-to-month basis throughout their online marketing campaign, you are guaranteed exclusive service and updates on your site. As search engine technology evolves, so does the criteria for keywords. Digital Agency ByWeb has dedicated staff for each client to ensure that your site grows and changes to adapt to the current search engine marketplace.

Once the right keywords have been determined for your site, the next step is placing them in content that works to get you the search engine rankings you desire.