The simple truth behind web design prices you get what you pay for!

You, as the customer, have many options but selecting your provider on web design prices alone can be very costly.

Large Design Firms Higher price for the same value

There are large companies that will produce a great result and undoubtedly an effective website. Just remember when hiring them that you are paying for the enormous overhead – the secretaries, a big office, sales reps, and other people who have nothing to do with your particular project. The price for an entry level web design project at these firms starts at $10,000 plus. That price does not include any custom features or even basic marketing – it's the price of web design and development alone. Your Overseas

Freelance Connection a Huge gamble for your business

On the other end of the spectrum there are freelance web designers who usually reside overseas and are willing to do work for almost nothing. What many people don't realize is that although website design and development prices from these providers are below market value, they are low for a reason. Chances are, you will end up with an inferior product. Most importantly you will waste your most valuable asset – time. Time spent communicating with overseas providers that don't speak your business' language. Time spent looking for dependable freelancers and time spent correcting programming mistakes. These individuals usually don't have a programming background and specialize in design alone or posses limited resources and have to outsource programming to another party, playing a game of broken telephone with your website. Not to mention that these providers do not know anything about marketing and a website that fails to bring in visitors or doesn't convert them into customers has zero value.

Why ByWeb is the best small business solution

With us, you get the benefit of working with a small team of professionals who take personal care of every project we take on. Our overhead is low and we pass the savings on to you. When you work with ByWeb you will get customized individual attention and a chance to talk about which services best meet your needs, and which services do not. We understand that for businesses in all stages of web design and development, price is a real concern and that's why we offer the best value on the market. Please check our packages page for the web design price list.

Variability of Pricing and the Quality of Your Site

The design of your website will influence whether or not a customer perceives you as a group of professionals or a company better worth skipping. So, while you may save some money in the short term, in the long run you will end up with less business and with a poor reputation – two things that no business wants to deal with. Worse yet, you may never find out why you're not getting business and get no chance to correct the problem.

Customization and Costs

Sometimes a local web design company lists an incredibly low price. In the majority of cases it is because they are giving you a stock site, one that comes from a template. Stock sites are generic and are used by many companies and have very limited customization options.

You have a great business and you need a custom website that will have all of the features you need and the ones that your customers want. Remember, standing out in your customer's minds is the first step in getting them to make a purchase or support your cause, after all why would anyone give their hard earned cash to a company who cared so little about the way they represent themselves to the public?

Also, let's say that you don't get what you want in a site from one of these cheaper offerings. If you want it changed you are going to have to pay again. Not to mention that often those lower web design prices will come from outsourcing giving you the same problems as hiring an overseas freelancers.