Content marketing
Content marketing

Content Marketing in New York USA

Content marketing is an essential way for companies to market themselves effectively online, separate from traditional advertising. While traditional advertising interjects itself into people's lives, content marketing is information that businesses create, as an answer to a consumer want or need. It is important that every company with an online presence have an effective content marketing strategy, as this really is the bread and butter of making money online.

Online Content Includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters emailed out to a client base
  • Videos posted on your company's YouTube channel
  • Important presentations
  • And much more…

When you provide content online, the goal is to create attention around that content via click-throughs and online shares by your clients, which makes it an effective marketing technique.

Long-Term Effects

While traditional advertising online, by way of banners and paid keywords for example, is an interruption to a customer for a short amount of time, content marketing can have a more long-term effect, because the amount of time a customer spends with your content is up to him or her. Your customer may read it slowly and save it to come back to another time, he or she may share it using their Facebook or Twitter, and entice others to click through, or may only spend a few seconds glancing over the content. Regardless, content marketing creates an interaction between a person and your business, which has longer-term effects than traditional advertising.

Create Content Once, Benefit Repeatedly

If your business has an effective content marketing strategy, you can really maximize your return on investment, because you only have to create content once, and the content will do the work for you, time and time again. With traditional advertising, you have to pay each time someone clicks on your site or pay website owners to place your banner. When it comes to content, you are required to pay for the content to be developed, but you never have to pay again. If your content is shared online (could be shared a million times), you're only paying once, for the initial development fee of the original content, whether it was a blog post, video, or newsletter. People will never share a banner ad with their social network, but if an item of content impresses them or intrigues them, they will share it with their friends and colleagues

Key To Content Success

But, what does it take to impress people online, and get them to share your content and help increase your sales?

Your business needs a content marketing strategy from day one, and this is something we can help you with at ByWeb in three simple steps:

  • You have to have a good product or service to offer. Stand behind it and believe in its benefits and what it has to offer.
  • You need a content marketing specialist to create SEO optimized content describing all of the positive elements of your product or service. Target what customers want to hear.
  • Make sure your content is well-produced, well-researched and easy to find. People don't have time to dig – make it simple.

When you have quality content, you can attract potential buyers through your content marketing and potentially make them take the plunge and make a purchase – you just have to get them to your site. The goal of content marketing is to generate business and having a site that is never updated will not do that for you – you have to keep updating, so people know you're eager and that your business has something different to offer.

Let Us Help You

Get in touch with ByWeb today to find out how we can help make you a reputable source in your industry and help you provide quality, trusted content, which will inevitably lead to sales in the long-term. For a no-obligation quote on incorporating content marketing into your business strategy or to simply discuss the importance of content marketing for your small business, please get in touch online.