Magento Development New York USA
Magento Development New York USA

Customizing and Developing a Magento Website

Launched in early 2008 and developed by Varien (which is now Magento Inc.), Magento is an eCommerce platform, which is owned by Magento Inc., and built using the Zend Framework. In 2010, two years after the initial launch, Magento mobile was released, which allows developers to create native mobile storefronts for their customers. Today, Magento is owned by eBay.

Magento uses open-source technology and a variety of features that lets your eCommerce store stand out from the crowd. Because using a pre-built theme for an eCommerce site tends to look cheap and can appear unprofessional, Magento allows you to streamline the online buying process with a custom design that matches the objectives of your business.

Magento comes fully loaded with everything you will need for your eCommerce needs, right from the beginning. Before you get started with Magento, it is important to hire a Magento web development company, in order to get the most out of this product offering. Since every brick and mortar storefront is unique, you want to make sure your online store is unique as well, allowing you to customize it with modules, plug-ins and extensions; so that you can sell your products and services the way you want to sell them. Magento lets you do this.

Benefits Of Magento Development

  • Feature Rich – Regardless of what you want to do, Magento has a feature that targets your need. Magento includes a variety of marketing promotions and tools, SEO, Product Browsing, Order Management, Customer Service, Multiple Payment Options, Mobile Commerce and several more.
  • Open Source – Being that Magento is open-source, it is free to use and there is an entire development community who are consistently striving to make Magento better by taking feedback and comments into consideration.
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Interface – Magento is incredibly flexible, with a very simple and straightforward administration interface.
  • Extension-Heavy – The extensions available in Magento are endless. You really can customize your Magento-based eCommerce website to function exactly as intended. You will never want when for more when usingMagento, as all of your needs can be met using one of, or a combination of available extensions.
  • Stable – Using Magento, you can customize your eCommerce business on a stable, secure and reliable platform. When dealing with customer payments, having a secure platform is one of the most important things, and Magento offers this for your business.
  • Scalable – An eCommerce site built using Magento allows you to add to it on an ongoing basis, as your company expands, or scales down.

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