Installing a Content Management System

Content management system

So, it's time to configure the site management system. We already have the approved web design of the main pages and the "Draft project", which describes the functions of the future site.

Installation of the site management system, in our digital-agency, is usually done like this:

  • Is done the layout of the drawn pages of the site in the HTML template,
  • The HTML template is converted into a PHP format with the addition of functionality under the CMS;
  • Installation of a web design template on the CMS management system;
  • Testing and further technical optimization.

As a result, we get - not just html with images, but a full-fledged design template for a site management system with many functional modules, understandable to browsers. Next, the web programmer on the virtual server collects the site management system, in the ordered bundle, and connects to it the templates with the MySQLi database. As a result, we get a ready-made site, but so far without content - texts and images.

Further, the content manager, together with the copywriter, prepare and complete the site, the texts and graphics that are unique and optimized for search queries, and the final testing is conducted. After checking the web resource by our specialists, we present the work to the customer. After the project is approved by the customer - the site is submitted for indexing to search engines. After indexing, the correctness of the linking is checked and the Act of the executed works on the site is signed.

On all created sites we give a lifetime warranty and install the management system of our own assembly, the latest version. Since 2011, we have established such a management system for more than 500 corporate sites, works quickly, reliably and has proven to be an effective tool for highly loaded and capacious projects. Convenient for users and search engines.

Installing Joomla 3 CMS

Modern creation of sites implies the ability to manage the resource by absolutely anyone, who does not need to have special knowledge. Easy control allows you to save on the support of the resource, because edit the information, add images can any employee of the company.

Content management system Joomla 3, in the assembly from the studio "BayVeb", allows you to administer the site without the intervention of a qualified programmer or HTML-encoder, which significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the site, as well as increases the efficiency of updating information.

The system is aimed at an employee who has basic knowledge of editing documents in Microsoft Word or other similar editors.

The management system is constantly evolving, complemented by new opportunities. To date, the system allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Effectively manage the site structure: create new sections and subsections, delete and edit existing ones. Editing of materials is carried out by means of the online editor by analogy with Word;
  • To conduct on the site a news line with the possibility of subscribing to the newsletter (for information sites - an unlimited number of news feeds of different focus);
  • Manage a structured product catalog. For online stores, the possibility of online ordering ("basket") is supported;
  • Manage structured photo collections (photo galleries);
  • Safely secure password access to individual pages and resources of the site;

Joomla 3 site management system allows you to divide site management into several administrators with different access rights. For example, a press officer of the company, a product catalog - a technical specialist, conduct a survey or an advertising campaign - a marketing specialist, can manage the news line.

Order installation and configuration of CMS for the website