Audit and analysis of the site

Audit and analysis of the siteWe are ready to help, even if we are talking about auditing a very complex web resource in very limited time. We have a huge experience in developing websites and their promotion from business cards to portals.

We will audit the site and give answers to the questions:

  • Are the plans real? Enough resources. How to develop a site by the appointed time.
  • Are the project manager and key specialists competent? What knowledge they lack. If you need to hire someone else, how to do it.
  • Does the project meet modern requirements. Will it be competitive.
  • Is the architecture of the project successful.
  • Is the UI - usability well-designed?
  • Will there be any problems with the speed of work or compatibility with other software components.
  • Is the development well organized. Are planning and reporting effective?
  • How the statistics are collected. Do not already corrected errors appear again and again.
  • How to understand if the contractors do what is needed. How to organize interaction with them.
  • If the situation in the web resource causes your fears, we'll figure it out and tell you what to do. So far, everything can be fixed.
  • We can also audit your requirements and answer your questions.

Lost users are lost clients

  • Does the site of users lose because of insufficient speed of work. Because of the low bandwidth of the channels. Because of the unsuccessful choice of the software platform. What load the site is able to endure. How many users can work at the same time. Will the successful advertising campaign of the site lead to collapse? Do you need a new technique, and if so, which one.
  • Can a laptop vendor neglect the "poor" users that go through mobile devices? Maybe - but it risks losing up to a third of customers coming from the Internet.
  • If the site only works with Java support enabled, it loses more than 10% of clients.
  • We will check the compatibility of the site (including active elements - Java-applet, Java-Script, ActiveX, etc.) with different types of browsers, platforms, encodings, screen resolutions.
  • Let's check the correspondence between HTML and the program code to different standards.
  • Is there a banal (or not very) error in the HTML or in the program code, for example, "broken" links. Whether scripts work correctly. What part of the code is redundant and just increases the download time in vain. Whether the font design is correctly selected, whether non-standard characters are used.
  • We will analyze the site and identify errors, if any.
  • Does the site ensure the confidentiality of user data, forms, passwords, accounts. Is it possible to intercept the data. Whether there were attempts of breaking, selection of passwords. How the backup is organized. Is the site and its users securely protected from viruses?
  • We will audit network security and help you take the necessary measures to protect the site and users.

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