What is AJAX?

What is AJAX?

AJAX, which is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is not a new programming language, but a way in which a variety of programming languages can be used in conjunction with each other.

Quite simply put, using AJAX, web developers can exchange data with a server, and update specific parts of a website that they are working on, without having to reload the entire website with every single update. As a result, updating web pages is a lot easier and quicker when using AJAX.

It has been said many times that AJAX is a programming language. It is not. AJAX uses scripting languages, JavaScript and XML to adjust a website built on HTML, but is not a programming language itself. AJAX also uses other programming languages and mark up languages other than XML.

Below are just some of the benefits of using AJAX


Because AJAX runs on JavaScript, it’s very dynamic. JavaScript is used inside HTML documents and makes websites more interactive than they would be just using straight-up HTML. Using JavaScript, web developers can program slideshows and rollover images. After a message has been sent to a server, a users screen can be altered using JavaScript.


This is arguably the most useful benefit of working with AJAX. The fact that AJAX is asynchronous means that different sections of pages load at different time, so as a developer, you can edit content on individual pages without having to reload the entire website with every single change.

Saves Time

Since AJAX allows developers to spend less time waiting on pages to upload before they can make changes, a lot of time is saved when working on updates. As a result of time saved, money is saved, since developers can be more efficient with their work and end users spend less time waiting for webpages to load and more time focused on their actual tasks.

Navigation is Easier

Using AJAX applications on websites allows them to be easier to navigate and more interactive for end users. As a result of easier navigation, people can be more productive.

While it will take some time to learn, using AJAX is a great way to cut time for both web developers and users by creating websites that are easy to navigate, responsive and dynamic.