The Benefits of Using Cascading Style Sheets

The Benefits of Using Cascading Style Sheets

There are tons of tools involved in website design, but one of the most commonly used techniques is the use of cascading style sheets (CSS). Cascading style sheets is a style sheet language, which is used to determine the look of anything created in a markup language, like HTML or XML.

Using CSS makes web design a lot more straightforward and efficient, in that the style sheet language allows designers to separate the document content created in a markup language, from the way the content looks; meaning the colors, fonts or specific layout. Essentially, cascading style sheets represents what the viewer gets to see.

The Benefits of Using Cascading Style Sheets

Simplified Updating and Uniformity

Using cascading style sheets allow for designers to make various changes more simply in the future. Designers using CSS ensure that their markup language has no styling, but rather all of the styling is done in a separate .css file. This file is then linked to the markup language file and all changes made to the .css file will always be applied to the markup language file in the future. CSS also allows you to ensure that when you make a change to your CSS style sheet, that change is then reflected uniformly throughout your entire site – making for simple updating and speedy design changes.

Websites Load Faster with CSS

Using CSS, instead of tables, to create your website, ensures that your website loads quicker because the style sheet will be accessed only when your visitor seeks out your website. Also, if you change the CSS file, browsers know to load the newest version of your site – so there is never a chance that someone may see an older version of your website, which guarantees continuity and is great for business!

Search Engines Like It

Since CSS uses much simpler coding, search engines can find websites that use CSS more easily – increasing traffic to your business’ site.

Various Viewing Options

Web designers are often faced with the task of making sure that websites can be viewed in the same way, irrelevant of whether they’re viewed on a tablet, mobile phone or desktop computer. Using cascading style sheets allow designers to create individual style sheets for each medium, so that websites display as intended, despite what device a visitor may be using to view it.

There are so many benefits to using cascading style sheets when it comes to website design, for both the designer and the visitor, it’s no wonder it’s the preferred web design tool.