Understanding the power of Joomla

Joomla! is a powerful and flexible content management system that caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes and is used all around the world. The word "Jumla," is borrowed from the Sakili language and it means, "all together," symbolizing the community of users and developers that help make Joomla one of the most popular content management systems in the world. Joomla! is used to create websites, blogs, eCommerce applications, and media portals, using a free open-source framework and content publishing system. It is used for a multitude of websites from small business to corporate – even governments use Joomla! for their websites. Joomla! costs nothing to use and has over 9,000 modules or plug-ins and has been downloaded for use over 30 million times.

It's Easy To Add Or Edit Content

When you choose Joomla! as your website's content managment system, you are building your website on an open platform and saving thousands of dollars by getting all the benefits of additional plug ins that infinetly expand your website's functionality. Without the flexibility of ready made plug ins building extra features (shopping carts, live chat, social media integration etc.) would require a lengthy and costly professional development. With Joomla your website has virtually unlimited expansion capabilities.

It is easy to add and edit content or images throughout your website over time. After Joomla! has been professionally installed and configured operating your site will be almost as easy as using a word processor like Microsoft Word to update your site. Joomla! has various levels of permission, so anyone at your company can update the content, depending on their level of permission.This user friendly approach to website management will save you time and money. Now you can use the extra time and budget on promoting your business to win new clients.

There is no coding knowledge required to use Joomla! but it takes significant expertise from the qualified web design studio to integrate a website with content management systems like Joomla!

Secure And Continually Under Development

Joomla! is an open-source system that is being constantly updated by a worldwide community of its users. As a result of this Joomla! is constantly evolving and improving with help of the thousands of developers all around the world. Together they are continually striving to improve the quality of Joomla!, with frequent updates and new plug ins. The goal of Joomla! developers is to make the customer experience safer, easier and more efficient.

Extendable Via Plug-ins

Building advanced website functionality from scratch is a daunting task that requires a team of professional developers each with different specializations. That's why Joomla! is a great system to power your website. There are thousands of add-ons or plug-ins that increase your website's functionality and we can help you navigate through them. This added functionality would be very time consuming and costly to build from scratch, but easy and free of charge for a site built with Joomla!

We at ByWeb can help you set up your existing website with the latest version of Joomla or can design a new website using this or any other CMS platform. We can also help you navigate through the thousands of available plug-ins and install the ones that will benefit you the most.

Contact ByWeb online and we will be happy to discuss how we can integrate Joomla into your existing website, or help you figure out the best way to create a new one using Joomla! today.