content management systems

How can a CMS help you manage your business?

Content Management System (CMS) is a program that allows website owners without programming knowledge edit, publish and maintain their website from a special admin panel within the site. Content Management Systems make it possible for users to perform a variety of tasks with a visual HTML editor, which is very similar in its look and functionality to a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Here at ByWeb we provide user-friendly custom CMS solutions that can help you and your team manage your website with ease – empowering you to focus more on marketing and customer service without the need for constant IT involvement.

Easy-To-Use Interface

A custom CMS website provides an easy-to-use interface, and can be updated as often as necessary. Here at ByWeb, we can create a custom CMS solution for your company based on the three biggest open source CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) or create your store using Magento, OpenCart or Zen cart. After we have completed your website's design, you and your staff can update your website as often as necessary – without having to come back to us every time you need to have a change made, or a product or service added. All types of content can be updated by using CMS; including photos, text and videos. Using a content management system helps to make your website customizable, reliable and of course – versatile, which is really important, especially if you're operating an eCommerce website or running a small business with limited resources.

Easy Integration

One of the great benefits when working with a CMS-based website is the availability of thousands of plug-ins and add on modules with a wide range of advanced functionality. Your website becomes upgradable, which increases its longevity and usefulness exponentially, making it the best possible website solution for your company. The plug-ins are very easily installed, and here at ByWeb we can help you achieve your CMS development goals, in record time and with perfect functionality. We are CMS development experts and can determine the best solution based on your needs. We will install the plug-ins and configure 3rd party web services like PayPal and social media sharing that will help your business to thrive.

Easy to Update

In order to easily update your website using CMS, you simply need to type in your user ID and password into the admin login page right in your browser. Add or make changes to your content, and you can publish them in real time. You do not need to go back to your web designer or a web developer to make any number of changes you require – from changing the price of an item, to adding a photograph, or even a whole new web page. This saves you a lot of money on maintenance and management costs. Contact us at ByWeb online for a no-obligation quote or to discuss how you can benefit from professional CMS development. Even though CMS websites are easy to use, setting them up requires professional programming knowledge. So don't hesitate to whrite us, even if it's only for advice, we are here to answer all of your CMS development questions.