Coding Website and Programming Services

Coding Website and Programming Services

As much as it makes sense to have a professional and clean design for your visitors, many developers often tend to overlook the importance of ensuring the code the site is written with is clean and just as professionally composed. The sad thing is that in the web development industry, many developers will take advantage of a client that doesn't know the first thing about how the code that powers their site works, and cut corners in order to get the product done faster.

At ByWeb, we wholly disapprove of this approach, as we strive to make sure the backend is just as professionally put together as the page your visitors actually see. This includes ensuring that our products pass W3 Validation. There are a variety of reasons that we believe our approach puts us ahead of other so called "developers:"

  • Organization: Well-composed code will often be easy for anybody to read. This means if your page needs to be tweaked down the road, or say you want to update it yourself, styles and elements will be easy to identify, edit and manipulate.
  • Search Engine Friendly: While we do not currently provide SEO services, we know that poor coding is one of the best ways to destroy your rankings. Lack of meta tags, poor link structures and poor utilization (or lack of!) .htaccess pages sadly are commonplace, and somehow deemed acceptable by many developers. Again: not by us.
  • Browser Compatibility: The internet has a very diverse population of users, and many of them use different ways of accessing it in the form of different web browsers. You want your website to display properly to whoever is viewing it, and poorly constructed syntax will oftentimes cause a page to look different (or sometimes not work at all!) across multiple browsers. We take care to ensure that your site will display not only identically, but properly, across all major browsers.
  • Efficiency: Last thing you are going to want is a site running on bloated and inefficient code. Sure, you can let somebody slap design elements in there haphazardly, or you can trust us to take full advantage of the styling options provided by XHTML and CSS to compose lightweight pages that will reduce server load and bandwidth consumption.

We also tie this philosophy into our custom programming solutions for our more "demanding" clientele. If your deployment needs to go beyond a "basic" HTML website, we have you covered with a wide range of options for dynamic content management solutions.

All our programming work is done in PHP and Perl, and we utilize MySQL as our database platforms. This allows a high degree of cross-compatibility across all major hosting platforms, and gives us one of the largest open-source communities in the world to turn to for assistance and subcontracting.