Website Redesign

What Are The Benefits of Website Redesign?

Do you think that if you already have a website that you are stuck with the developer who originally made your site? Do you believe that you are stuck with that original design? Of course, you do not have to do that. You can make any number of changes to you site, big or small, depending on your website redesign goal.

If you are ready to think about the kinds of changes you can make to your site during the redesign process, then look at some of your options below.

Why Update Your Site?

When you have an older site, one that is based on older technologies and standards you may simply need an upgrade in order to stay up to date. By upgrading the technology behind your site you will get access to a wide range of features that you may not have had, or had easy access to with your old system.

What Kinds of Features Can I Add?

Well aside from the basics, such as allowing your customers to make purchases or book their appointments online, upgrades can be a great way to interact with your customers. Of course, there is way more than just the basics that you can add to your site. With an upgrade you can do a lot. Remember an upgrade can give you access to SEO options that you may not have right now. Since good SEO means better traffic an redesign can give you more than you think.

Social Media and Enhanced Conversions

The option to integrates your website with your social media presence can give your customers a truly interactive experience, one that allows you to learn more about your customers and what you need. You can also get more information on your traffic that will help you to covert visitors to customers, a goal for many websites.

Update for Mobile and Newer Browsers

For a long time most of you visitors were browsing on Internet Explorer, so the majority of sites were designed for that standard. After the explosion of mobile devices and independent browsers you need to have a site that runs well on everything from a desktop PC to a touch screen iPad.

Compete Redesigns

Adding functions to a site is not, in most cases, the same as needing a total redesign and many desirable features can be added to your existing site by our staff without taking down your entire site, a move that could be needlessly costly if all you need is a simple addition. If you don't like your site, and you want a total tear down, then the staff at ByWeb can help you to design a new site from the ground up. This time around you will enjoy the truly custom experience in web design that you deserve.