Web design tips

Web design tips

Web design is deceptively tricky. While the basics are easy enough to grab, many designers lack the expertise to put together a truly good design. However, as "good" is up to so many interpretations from so many different angles, we're just going to give you our take on what we strive for in design, and why we think that makes us "good."

A page shouldn't be more complicated than it needs to be. The main attraction of your website should be your product. If you're running a blog, you want to show off your articles. If you're trying to sell your services, you want to show off what you can do. If you're trying to sell something, well, that's what you want your potential customers to see, no?

Our philosophy is that you want to make it as easy as possible to show your product to your viewers. This means putting your content first-and-foremost. This means simple and easy-to-grasp navigation. This means not only knowing the latest fancy and flashy design techniques, but knowing how and when to appropriately apply them.

Logo Design

Branding is an important part of a successful business, and this includes a logo. Something that when your customers see, they associate with you, your company and your services. Something that helps create a cohesive brand element across not only your website, but anything else pertaining to your company: Letterhead, business cards, newsletters and anything else you are associating with your brand.

ByWeb handles this as well, and we do it like no other company. Unlike most logo design companies, which take your order through an online billing system, send it off to a design crew, and they send you back a few choices, we prefer a more personal route. We listen to your needs and requirements, and put you in touch directly with one of our designers, who will provide you with a couple concepts based completely off of your request; no pre-designed cookie-cutter nonsense. After getting your input, the concept will be finalized and tweaked if necessary. You will not only end up with your final product, but also the full rights to your logo, as well as the template files.

Custom Frontend and Interface Development

One of our specialties is developing simple frontends for web applications in order to make them easy to navigate by the user. A lot of web design developers will dress an interface up in so much java-animation and gimmicky effects that the end-user is left scratching their head at where to go or what to do. We simply cannot stress that enough for our clients: An interface needs to be simple.

However, we have nothing against "fancy" technologies like Java-animation and jQuery, which can be used to enhance a frontend if used correctly; The trick is to find the right balance. Our interface design philosophy boils down to "nail the basics down first, then make it pretty." Once we have a navigation scheme put together, we then use the appropriate technologies to accentuate the interface, rather than function as the interface. Remember: You want your clients to see your products or be able to use your software effectively, and we strive to make sure that aim is fulfilled.

For examples of our design work, check out our Portfolio. If you would like to hire ByWeb for your next web deployment, drop us a line.