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Just like choosing the right doctor can be a life-saving move, so also, choosing the right firm can make a night and day difference.

A good web designer is hard to find. They must be talented, hard-working, energized, resilient, intuitive, creative… well, the list just keeps going. Website design is a lot different then website development. There aren’t any lines to stay inside of, no compiler to bust, no strict syntax to follow. No, design is much more ambiguous. Just like running a successful business requires a talented navigator to chart the course, web designers must be multi-faceted, focused, ears-to-the-ground individuals in order to deliver a winning solution.

What goes into good website design?

Website Design Should Create Visual Pleasure

Internet users are far more likely to accept or reject a website due to its appearance rather than its actual content. The visual element of a website gives the first impressions of the site to the user. Text can be articulate and persuasive, but without an appealing design, your website will go practically unnoticed.

ByWeb is here to help. We are attentive to the nuances of Joomla designing, paying close attention to every aspect, including:

  • Layout;
  • Color theme;
  • Fonts;
  • Background;
  • Flare;


When users visit a website, they expect it to be neat and tidy, with each element in its place for effortless use. They want to be able to navigate the page fluidly without having to look for something to find it. The search box should be easy to find and search with. Navigation panels should be placed with neatness and usability in mind.


A picture is worth a thousand words. The background of your website design, whether a picture or simply a color, makes a significant contribution to the site as a whole. We are committed to quality in every aspect of our work. This means the site background images and colors we choose are attractive but not distractive. It’s one more way we help you.

Color Theme

A well-selected color theme cannot be stressed enough. On a website, appealing colors can make the difference between happy and discontented users. We are cognizant of this and strive for balance and beauty with our CMS.


Slideshow headers, animated menus, and other such extras can add a final touch to your site that complete the pleasing user experience. But these web elements must be implemented carefully – too many animated objects or glamorous extras can clutter a page and overwhelm the user. Designers must pay close attention to these details to make your site pleasant but keep it professional.


Users desire an experience that is completely stress-free and easy in every regard. One such regard is fonts. We select fonts that correlate well with the general website style, are easy to read, and contribute to an enjoyable experience.