Five Tips to Spice up Your Website’s Design

Five Tips to Spice up Your Website’s Design

Just like you would spice up your storefront’s décor once in a while, it’s important to revisit your company’s website design frequently, in order to make sure that you’re staying on top of the latest trends in web design.

Here are five tips on how you can spice up your company’s website design in order to keep your visitors inspired.

Stay Cutting Edge

Make sure you do your research. Cruise the competition’s websites and get an understanding of what other companies, like yours, are doing. Don’t copy them, but instead be original. Present a common idea in a different way, and your visitors will be impressed by your originality.

Understand Your Visitors

Put some time and money into researching how people navigate around your website. Do they leave after clicking on your “About Us” page? Do they often fill out the “Contact Us” form? Do they perform searches for the same key information time and time again? When you start noticing trends in how people visit your company’s website, you will be better informed in being able to change their experience with your website’s design and improve their navigational experience. The main goal of your website should be to inform your visitors and by tracking their experience, you will be able to determine if they are acquiring all of the information necessary. If you’re not converting browsers into buyers, then you’re doing something wrong, and it could all be based in the design of your website.

Include Images… And Not Slow Loading Ones

There’s nothing more boring than stumbling upon a website that includes blocks of text. A really easy way to spice up your website’s design is to include more images. Images break up the text and keep the visitor engaged with your content. Make sure your images are optimized though, as you don’t want images to slow down how quickly your website loads. If visitors have to wait for the content to load, they’ll go elsewhere.

Introduce Your Text

Just like images break up your website’s copy, so do headings and subheadings. Using headings and subheadings, your visitors can go directly to the information that they came to find out, rather than being bogged down by information that they don’t need. Adding headings and subheadings and making sure they’re bolded and obvious is a simple addition that can be made to your website’s design that can make a huge difference in how people interact with your content.

Add Some Color

In order to make your website pop, add some color strategically. Adding color throughout your website can help direct people’s attention to specific areas and show-off your design skills. Don’t go overboard with the colors though… just pick a few colors that work together and accent your website appropriately.