Effective Logo Design Techniques

Effective Logo Design Techniques

How many times have you been walking down the street looking for your favorite coffee shop or clothing store and you couldn't find it? After searching for several minutes, you finally see that recognizable color in the distance – the one that tells you you've finally found the exact retailer you've been searching for. The golden arches, the swoosh and the mermaid are all recognizable logos for brands we've come to know and love, and none of their logos even require the inclusion of a single word describing their business. As a consumer-savvy population, we just know. That, is effective logo design and something all businesses strive for.

Today, we're going to outline some of the tips and tricks for effective logo design, as well as some of the common mistakes designers make when working on a business' logo.

Keep it Simple

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your customer base with your new logo. Keeping the fonts and colors simple, really helps to convey a clear and concise brand message and help your customers understand what exactly your business does and keeps confusion to a minimum. If you sell mobile phones, make it obvious, if you're in the hamburger business, let people know, by using symbols, fonts and colors that represent your business clearly. We can't say this enough; keep it simple.

Print AND Digital

In today's highly digital environment, when creating a logo for your company, it's incredibly important to take into consideration, the fact that your logo may be viewed on your business card and company letterhead, but also on Facebook and via mobile phones. Take that into consideration when designing your new logo, so that your business is represented in the same way, irrelevant of the medium.

Color vs. Black and White

Often, when people are designing a new logo for a business, they forget to take into consideration, the fact that the logo may not always be printed in color, but often in black and white. It's important not to forget that fact, as the logo needs to be equally recognizable in black and white and in color. Designers also often make the mistake of creating a logo that looks great at a massive size on an outdoor billboard but hardly registers when it's viewed at a few inches on a mobile phone. Never forget to take size and placement into consideration.

Be Inspired

We mentioned the logos of McDonald's, Nike and Starbucks for a reason – they're all memorable. If you want to make your logo as memorable as those retail giants, research their brands, find out what makes them successful, uncover their logo design practices and techniques, and let them lead you by example. They did something right, and you can too, with a some hard work and logo design skill.

Never Underestimate The Importance of A Good Logo Design

There are three things in this world that it would be very unwise to underestimate. One of them is the strength of a hurricane that is coming your way. The second is just how much becoming a parent forces you to make radical changes to your life. The third is how important having a good logo design will impact the way that your business is perceived.

At first you may not think much about the logo for your company. You slap together some clip art in Word and there you have it. On to the next item on your to do list. Your logo is born. Unfortunately your logo is like the hunch back of Notre Dame. Not just because it is hideously ugly, but also because no one loves it and that is a big problem. After all your logo is going to be associated with your brand for a very long time, and it will be used more times than you can count; every piece of stationary, every email, every time someone sees your site and every time a news organization writes about you, your logo stands a very good chance of being present. Your logo is a chance to create a relationship with your customers. You want every chance to count, so a lack luster logo is simply not an option.

Really, there is no reason not to have a professional designed logo. The costs are so budget friendly that even the least funded of start ups can afford to have a professional logo that will make a strong first impression. You see for many people, whether it is on a package, or your site, the logo is the first point of contact that they have with your company, and it makes a strong impression. You want to be perceived as an organization that is full of seasoned professionals instead of a garage full of kids with a PC. So make that good impression and you just might impress your potential customers into learning more about your service, your product or your organization.

What A Good Logo Should Be, and Should Never Be

Of course, even when you hire a professional you still have a great deal of control over your logo. So there are some things that you need to know. Your logo should always be relevant, though it does not have to be obvious. After all just because you own a construction company does not mean your logo has to be a saw and a hammer. It does however mean that your logo should not include a pair of ballet shoes or a fluffy teddy bear. Try not to confuse your customers. The next big choices are the fonts and the colors. While that sounds simple, remember you not only have to manage your preferences but the impressions they leave on your customers. Red and black are both cool, but together they give a distinct impression. If you don’t want your brand associated with that impression this color combination is not the one for you.

The truth is balancing colors with images and fonts can be the hardest thing to do in the relatively small space that a logo provides you. This is where professional help can make the difference and enhance your image.