Corporate website design

Corporate website design

Often, your corporate website is the first thing your clients sees, so it's important that it is well designed, making for a seamless and clear experience for both current and potential clients. From trust and search engine ranking, to revenue and first impressions – web design can either make or break your business. At ByWeb, we can help you create a corporate website that you can be proud of.

Trust Through Design

Trust is the most important aspect in any new working relationship, and a well-designed, professional looking corporate website, is the best way to gain trust with new clients. If your corporation's website utilizes eCommerce of any sort, it is even more important to have a professionally designed website, because people are providing personal and secure information through your website, in order to purchase a good or service. If your website looks secure, your clients will feel secure – it's as simple as that.

Search Engine Ranking

Obtaining new clients through your website is easily facilitated through search engines. If your corporation's name is difficult to spell, or uncommon, or if your company's URL is not the same as your company's name – people may have a hard time finding you online. Having a well-designed corporate website, will help your search engine rankings. Google's search rankings algorithm weighs in many factors, like: page load times, quality of code, accessibility, navigation, etc. to determine your search engine position. Having good, well-researched content on your site will help you boost your search engine ranking as well but only if the site is technically sound.

If your corporate website is well-designed, it will also be featured on other websites and blogs as a trusted source in your industry, because consumers will have trust in your product and your brand. This will help you increase revenue in the long-term, as it will increase the number of visitors to your site.

If You are Satisfied With the Way your Website Looks Chances are, so are your Visitors!

Appearance is important to your visitors. And if your site is well designed you can can add new products or services to your corporate website easily and seamlessly. By having an excellent design you will build trust and confidence in your business over time. At ByWeb, we can help you design a corporate site that will impress your visitors and help obtain new clients.

First Impression Is Everything

Your visitors are busy. You don't want to force them to search around your website for contact information, or miss supplying them with information on what exactly your company does. The ultimate goal of a well-designed corporate website is to make navigation easy for your visitors and potential clients. Having a well-laid-out website, which includes standard features like a Contact Us form and an About Us page, makes it easy for your visitors and future clients to get in touch with you, without having to search around. Contact us to find out how you can make a great first impression online, with a well-designed corporate website. If you have questions on how we can help or to obtain a no-obligation quote, please get in touch online at email.