Benefits of Keeping Web Design Simple

Benefits of Keeping Web Design Simple

The old adage, “Keep it simple,” couldn’t be more appropriate when talking about website design. Although it is obviously important to ensure that all of the most pertinent information is still included in your website’s design, there are a few key benefits to keeping your company’s website design simple.

Here are just some of those benefits:

Faster Loading

The more simple the design, the more likely it is that the file size will be small, which means that your website will load much faster than one that has tons of complicated code. When a website loads faster, it’s a much more fluid experience for the visitor and ensures that he or she will continue to come back to your website and recommend your product or service to their social circle.

Easier to Navigate

If you take the time, right at the beginning, to define the navigational experience you’d like your visitors to have, then you will have a much more successful and streamlined website. If your visitors can easily find what they are looking for, and easily understand how to get in touch with you, they are more likely to be repeat visitors. Repeat visitors usually means more business for your company, which is a great situation for you to be in. So make sure you take the time to design a website that is easy to navigate, so you can turn casual visitors into potential long-term customers.

Content is Key

When working on designing a simple website, make sure you don’t forget about the content. Content is just as important as design when trying to turn visitors into long-term clients. Don’t let spelling mistakes and grammatical errors get in the way of your success. Write in a tone that targets your demographic and accurately represents your business.

Be Realistic

Think through your business objectives and long-term goals. What type of business are you running? It’s a lot more realistic to have a simple website design for a portfolio website than it is for an eCommerce business. So take the time at the beginning of the website design process to think about your business and what is required of your website before committing to a more simplistic design.

Not Visibly Simple

This is the tough part. While we’ve been talking about ensuring your website’s design is simple, you don’t want it to LOOK simple. If the backend is simple, make sure that the frontend doesn’t look that way. You don’t want your visitors to think you skimped on a website, when what you were really trying to do was make sure that you provided an easy experience for them.