What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Sometimes considered of a black art, SEO is the practice of trying to ensure that a webpage appears at or near to the top of the major search engines when a relevant term has been searched for by a potential client.

The great thing about the search engines is that you pay nothing to the search engine to have your website listed near to the top. Not only that, in most markets, being at the top of the search engines will bring you traffic, and therefore customers – Free of charge!

What has made this a little difficult over the past few years is that everyone has realised this, and will try to optimise their sites for the search engines, often trying to out-smart the search engines, who are trying to make sure that the results are as relevant as possible to the search term.

In highly competitive markets this can make the process of search engine optimisation difficult. In other less competitive markets, it can be quite easy to get your page near to the top.

Do not believe anyone who guarantees placement at the top of the search engines – we are all subject to the mysteries of the algorhythms that are used to return the search results.

How would ByWeb help us?

ByWeb has experts that have been optimising websites since the emergence of the practice.

There are a number of ways that we can improve your traffic (and therefore bookings) from the search engines:

  • Website Structure – by ensuring that all of the pages on your website are accessible to the search engines and that they are structured accessibly and in the right way.
  • Website Content – by ensuring that the content of your website conforms with widely recognised criteria for keyword density, length and so on.
  • Links – by increasing the number of links coming into your website from respectable, relevant sites which will increase the importance of your pages in the google listings.

We would start off by conducting an analysis of your website, and a report which we would present to you. Many agencies will leave it at that, but we often find that the recommendations are not implimented through time constraints on the key personnel, so we would quote to re-develop or re-write your webpages according to our recommendations (with your sign-off).

Finally, we would report on the progress of your website on a selection of keywords as the SEO takes effect.

It is important to note that the search engines do not react quickly to SEO, so we would recommend backing up the SEO process with Paid Search in the interim period.