What is PPC?

What is PPC?

Put simply, Paid Search is advertising. The great thing about PPC is that you can advertise right in front of someone who is, at that precise moment, looking for what you have to offer! It makes it a VERY powerful form of advertising which has over the past years become one of the biggest forms of advertising in the world. This will only increase over time.

If your online marketing strategy doesn't include PPC, then you don't really have an online marketing strategy!

Should everyone have a PPC strategy?

In our experience, a well run PPC campaign is suitable for almost every business with a website, whether they are selling products online or not.

The size of the campaign and how much should be spent on PPC is dependant on sector, the competition and many other factors.

What is the secret to running a good PPC campaign?

Measure, measure, measure... Good reporting is essential to a successful campaign. Now that the PPC market is so competitive it is more essential than ever to professionally manage your campaigns.

We like to manage PPC campaigns by ROI. On sites where purchases and bookings are made online, it is possible to track the PPC spend to sales, delivering daily or even hourly reporting on the return on investment. By setting an acceptable cost per sale (or % of revenue, or % of profit), it is possible to manage a flexible budgets in a way that ensures maximum visibility, whilst protecting your all important margins.

In the travel sector, it is useful to think of PPC like an agent. If the tour operator pays a 15% commission to an agent, then by allocating a budget of let's say 10% of the revenue from PPC, the budget can be flexed in busy periods to ensure maximum coverage - you wouldn't set a budget for agent's commission, so why set a budget for PPC?

If this is not possible, then we tend to work with you to calculate what you are comfortable with spending, and we'll use the ROI statistics to try to persuade you to spend more or less on the account.

At ByWeb, you will only pay for the time of the people working on the account rather than taking a %age of the PPC budget. This ensures that we are not incentivised to spend all of your budget.