What is Micro Blogging?

What is Micro Blogging?

First off, lets talk about what micro blogging is, since it’s a term many people aren’t very familiar with. Once we figure out exactly what it is, we’ll talk about the benefits of using Micro Blogging for your business. Micro blogging is when you post smaller pieces of content, such as photos, links, videos, or text on the Internet. To make it completely clear, samples of micro blogging websites many people are familiar with include; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, allow users to take advantage of their micro blogging feature to share information with your social network, which can include friends, family and co-workers. You may use Facebook to share information with your friends, while you may use LinkedIn to share more work-related information with your colleagues and industry professionals. When using micro blogging, it’s important to ensure that the medium you’re using is the right one for the topic at hand. For example, it’s not appropriate to blog about your kids on LinkedIn, since it’s more of private matter that co-workers may not be interested in, while LinkedIn is best for sharing your business news or articles related to your industry that you think others may appreciate. Keeping your micro blogging to the specific social network is paramount when using micro blogging.

The Benefits of Micro Blogging

Micro blogging has a wide range of benefits to both freelancers and business owners. The short messages, often called micro posts, can be used to very simply and quickly promote a service offering from your business or to let your clients and potential clients know what you are up to. Micro blogging allows your customers to put a personality to your business, as the tone and language are very important in relaying your messages.

Using micro blogging, you can set up your privacy settings on specific websites, so that only specific users can see your posts. So, if there are certain people you would like to block from your micro posts, you can do so easily.

Micro blogging is also beneficial to organizations because it allows people working remotely to be in touch. People now use Instant Messaging to set up meetings and presentations, since even email seems to be becoming a medium of the past. Micro blogging is a quick and easy way to let your co-workers and clients know your whereabouts and set up face-to-face interactions with them quickly. It is not uncommon to have access to micro blogging software at your workplace.

Of course, there are certain problems that come along with micro blogging, mainly being security issues. However, with the right guidance and security restrictions put into place at corporations, micro blogging can be a great way to keep in touch with your co-workers and clients, organize meetings, presentations and team building initiatives, and maintain a very productive workplace environment.