Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (often referred to as SEO) is the way in which you can improve the ranking of a website in a search engine's (example: Google) results. As a general rule, the higher up the page appears in a search engine, the more likely people using the search engine will view it. Using SEO, you can target images, videos, and/or news related search engines. Organic (unpaid) SEO firms look at the workings of specific search engines and figure out how people search, what they search for and which search engines specific groups of people use regularly. Hiring a search engine optimization firm is a key attribute to successfully marketing your business online.

There are several techniques that your business should consider when working on your online presence and traffic growth and below, we list just a few of those techniques. It’s most effective to work on these SEO practices when you’re first building your online business, in order to bring people to your website.

Keywords – Find out what keywords people use online when searching for a business like yours and make sure that you optimize your content with those keywords. The keywords should not only appear in the body copy of your web pages, but also in your heading pages and page titles and be dispersed throughout your website.

Update Your Content – Keeping your content fresh and constantly updated means you have a variety of keywords at all times. Constant keywords allows people to have a variety of ways to find your website.

Blog – Maintaining a blog of newsworthy, industry-focused posts can up your search rankings tenfold. In order to build traffic using your blog, it’s important that you focus on what you know, so that people view you as an authority figure in your industry, and check back to get your opinion when relevant news breaks.

Guest Blog – While you’re blogging for your own site, try some guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to post on other industry blogs, with a link (or several) back to your own website.

Network – Since everyone is taking advantage of social networking, you should too. Search engine result page rankings are affected by social networking, so if you’re sharing links and posting to your company’s Facebook page, you have a better chance at increasing traffic to your website. Make sure you also “friend” or “follow” the heavy-hitters in your industry via social networking and try to make their contacts, your contacts.

Link Building – Invest in link building campaigns from the beginning. When it comes to SEO, search engines are able to determine the popularity of a website based on the number of websites that link to it, making it a great technique to determining the legitimacy of a website.

Don’t Forget the Design – Don’t spend all your time focusing on only the content, the design is important for search engines as well.