Guest Blogging Techniques

Guest Blogging Techniques

We’ve been doing a bit of guest blogging here at ByWeb and after a bit of time have started to understand some of the real tangible benefits and the tips and tricks to making it work for us.

If you’re thinking about guest blogging, here are some tips to make your efforts more successful.

What’s the Point?

The main point of guest blogging is of course, traffic for your website and increased business for your company. After some time of guest blogging, you will become an authority on a topic and people will look forward to your posts about a topic. When guest blogging, try to get involved with blogs in your niche, so that you can capture an audience that is relative to your business and the topics you’re discussing. Some blogs already have established traffic and if you can speak to them directly, then you’re in good shape for building a following for your website and company.

Builds SEO

By guest blogging you can build search engine optimization and get links back to your website, based on what you want. The links with guest blogging are relevant (because you selected them), so you’re getting people back to pages of your website that are relevant to them.

Be Natural

When writing guest blog posts, be natural. Try to write in a way that is in your natural tone and targets your demographic. If your language is convoluted and difficult to understand, you will turn people off. If your language is natural, people will seek you out in the future, as you’re speaking their language. Don’t try to force several links, as people will see through it, just include relevant links where you think people will be eager to investigate further by going through to your website.

Read the Guidelines

Before you get started on writing a guest blog post, make sure you understand the guidelines. All blogs have different rules for submitting a post and there’s no point wasting your precious time writing a post, only to have it refused. Understand the required word count, quantity of links and author bio requirements before you get started. It’s also important to read through some of the blogs posts, so you can understand their audience and their tone and write in that same fashion. That way, you’ll be well on route to writing a successful guest blog post, and driving relevant traffic back to your website.