Effective online sales

Effective online sales via your website

Digital Agency ByWeb presents some useful strategies for more effective online sales via your website.

1. Build trust and credibility in your business and your Website:

  • It is proven that people trust more to persons, so you can feature a picture of your showroom, store or partners on your website. It is even better if you add photos of the manager, staff, or include information about yourself, that is relevant to the products you sell. People are more inclined to buy, when they see the result or the benefit from this service, than if they just see the process or the technical specifications.
  • Provide helpful buying advices for your customers, relevant to the products or services that you sell online.
  • Provide regular information like online newsletter, e-mail offers or other ways to stay in touch with your web site. This will improve visitors' interest and sales conversion process.

2. Gain membership of well-recognised associations within your industry and display their logos on your home page.

3. Sell More Via Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is now a mainstream sales channel for many online shops.

4. Get More Visitors Using Search Engines Optimisation – the natural search engine optimisation is best way of reaching the best positions, but you can also consider the Pay per click advertisement in Search engines. Paying per click for visitors to your website is made for specific keyword searches on search engines! Search Marketing and Google Ad words can generate lots of low-cost, targeted and ready-to-buy visitors to your site. It is important to choose carefully the right keywords, so we advise you first to research these keywords, that are most used by your potential client and then to select the most appropriate for your business.

5. Display Testimonials and positive client feedback will work for your online image and sales process. The words of your content clients will encourage the other buyers.

6. Ensure security and protection for your clients – they are giving you their money and they deserve the feeling of security and comfort. The credit cards that are accepted on the website- their logos, the secure system for payment protection, all these factors give a positive influence to your customers.

7. Build on-line shop that sells – this is simple, following these rules:

  • Choose clear and consistent site navigation for your website;
  • Use pictures and photographs with good quality for every page on your web site and for every product;
  • Prefer the professional web site design;
  • Place as few barriers for purchasing as possible;
  • Get your customers contact details, providing something free and valuable. You can offer a special discounts for clients buying through your site;
  • Gather as much information as possible for your customers desires, intentions, expectations, questions and future plans. Use these data for optimizing your offers and be always one step before our clients’ expectations.

8. The opportunities included in the shopping cart really matters. You need to know how many of your clients select products, put them in the shopping cart and how many really check out. Improving the number of customers, that check out and reducing the percent of shopping cart abandonment will generate more revenue per visitor and your website also becomes more effective.

9. Display your contact details on each page, not only contact form – some clients prefer to call, other need to be sure that their questions are by person, not from system for auto-messages.