Terms of reference for site development

Each novice developer, at least once, but regretted that before the order was not drafted a technical assignment. A lot of customers, for sure, regretted that they were not offered a technical task. So why are these two magic words so important to both the client and the performer? Let's understand.

Terms of Reference (TOR) - a document that describes all the technical details of creating a future site, design, portal, module, etc. Also TK is a document that determines the terms and procedure for carrying out works under the contract, containing the purpose, objectives, principles of implementation, expected results and terms of work performance.

We can have absolutely different ideas about the color of the button, the size of the picture, the basket, and the type of the text. And this is quite understandable, we are all different and each sees his own future variant in his own way. And, so that at the end of the work there are good impressions from each other and there was no feeling that the money was wasted, make a preliminary TOR.

The cost of developing a technical task for the site

The price is negotiable and depends on the amount of work performed.

What is the technical assignment?

  • Information about the customer;
  • The purpose of the site;
  • Description of future customers.
  • Describe the overall functionality.
  • It is done graphically better to draw a map with all the signatures, comments.
  • Includes a list of all pages of the site with an exact indication of the text placed on each page, pictures, etc.
  • Common system;
  • General functionality of subsystems and modules;
  • Enumeration of all functions of modules with more or less detailed description of their work.
  • Technical requirements for the system and reliability of information security in software failures.
  • All that is not included in the remaining items. For example, terms, budget.

Of course, when choosing patterns for design, everything is simpler. Here, the design was already developed in advance and you only need to decide for yourself whether the structure and color scheme, etc., resembles you. But here it's important to remember that when choosing a template and if you want to change the content in it, be sure to stipulate in writing the desired in advance with the developer, because The module is programmed to an existing template. And additional changes are additional money and time. From all of the above, one thing is clear: in order to avoid misunderstanding and not to be disappointed in the result, it is necessary to capture in advance the written wish, and also to draw up a technical task. Well, if you really rely on the professionalism of the developer and designer and can not decide what you want, be prepared for the most unexpected decisions.

And if you are considering whether to write a technical assignment or not, then weigh for yourself all of its pluses.

Terms of reference for site development

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