Development of technical specifications for the site and its promotion

Terms of reference for the site

To develop a technical task for creating and promoting, we conduct analytics of the competitors 'market and audit their sites - usability research, statistics of potential customers' inquiries. Such services allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors' projects and, based on the analysis of their structure, statistical data, we plan to make the future web resource initially effective in terms of marketing ability and search optimization.

We have all the software and technologies for collecting and purchasing statistics and conducting research, after which we analyze the collected information and specialists identify the errors and advantages of the existing projects:

  • where and how potential customers come to the web resources of competitors;
  • which segments of the audience have the most qualitative characteristics and vice versa - we monitor the behavioral factor;
  • Which pages are effective and which are not;
  • The definition of how effectively the research site is working, what and how to change.

Further, as a result, we prepare a detailed report with the addition of independent assessments and recommendations from leading Russian web agencies with the recommended site structure and search engine optimization, with an action program for web developers and designers aimed at improving the efficiency of the projected site.

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