Website promotion by links

The main factor that influences the quality of website promotion, and therefore the quality of its search engine optimization, is the structure of the external reference mass. The fact is that the number of such links as a factor of search promotion is not significant today, and the factor of their usefulness for people has replaced it.

Effectively advance in the search engines can only have the ability to have a web resource that will have a quality reference mass structure.

But what is the structure of the reference mass that can be considered qualitative?

  • Quality can be considered the structure of the reference mass of the site, which will include a large number of natural and useful web links for people, that is, working links that were obtained without the use of paid methods, as well as those links that were put on some Sites by the visitors of the project. However, it's not easy to get such high-quality links today, so webmasters very often resort to using various tricks, including not cross-referencing, buying thematic links, but not from stock-based web resources, and so on.
  • The qualitative structure of the reference mass can not do without social signals (transitions from social networks). The fact is that the role of such signals in SEO search promotion is very significant, therefore the owner of any web resource should resort to the use of such methods.
  • It should be noted that the reference mass structure should not contain a large number of web links that can be obtained with the help of resources on the pages of which spam can be left by anyone. Here we are talking about such venues as social bookmarks, abandoned blogs and forums, message boards and so on. The fact is that the promotion of sites with a large amount of link can not only be useless, but also seriously harm in the form of applying sanctions to the site - the filtering of the "Penguin" from the search engine.

Also, the reference mass of the site should be natural and thematic, since non-thematic domains are considered unnatural search engines, that is, obtained through various frauds.

Among other things, the structure of the reference mass of a site can be qualitative only if it contains a large number of "workers" and quality donors. "Working" donors are considered to be links that are used by visitors, but not in any case by wrapping. The growing role of such links is due to the fact that, from the point of view of behavioral factors, any reference should be useful, otherwise there is no sense in its existence.

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