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The foundations of art are the foundation of every good design and are rooted deeply in the heart, and soul, of every great web designer. The structure, hierarchy and color palette - this is what art design consists of. Fonts should be carefully selected to emphasize the style. Each element affects the web design. But do not forget, the style idea and content are inseparable from each other.

When choosing a web design is not the last place is the budget, which you are ready to spend.

There are several variations:

  • You can do nothing at all;
  • You can spend quite a bit;
  • And there is an expensive design.

When choosing the first one, it makes sense to use a template art design: here it's simple-you are determined with the theme, with the category (site-business card, portfolio, online store, etc.), with style and, of course, see the site was Is beautiful from your point of view and functional. Here for the design you do not pay anything; These templates have already been developed, and the programmer will do everything to make the picture work.

If we talk about the second option, then the point is that you can also choose an already developed template, but if you do not like colors, fonts, some layout, pictures, etc., then this can be changed. Here, of course, the price is determined by the wishes, but still it is cheaper than designing an entirely new one.

And, finally, the third option is the most interesting, expensive and long lasting. There is no limit to your fantasies and fantasies of a web designer. The idea, created only for you, is an expression of the brand. Accordingly, the cost and development time are different.

Graphic materials, before posting on the site, should be specially prepared. Preparation allows you to make loading pages faster, which facilitates the work with the site to those people who do not have high-speed Internet access.

In any case, we are happy to help you no matter what kind of variety you choose, also whether you need only a web design or create a web application.

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