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Price for the creation of the site Promotion prices Prices for site treatment
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Promotion Price
- + $0.00
Specify the number of keywords that should be displayed in the top 10 search, the price per month for the result after the fact. The withdrawal time for old sites from 14 days to 6 months. For new sites from 30 days to 12 months.
- + $0.00
Specify the number of ads in "adwords" or links to contextual advertising (One ad is limited to 200 key requests). Term 1 day one announcement.
- + $0.00
Indicate the planned number of visits per site per month
- + $0.00
The recommendation of the search engine to improve the ranking of the site, specify the number of sites. Term of manufacturing of the certificate is 1-2 days. The installation time for the site is 1-2 days.
- + $0.00
Technical optimization of the site for search engines. Specify the number of pages to optimize. The time limit is 2 pages per day for the main sections. The period is 10 pages per day for secondary sections.
Subtotal on category "Promotion Price" : $0.00

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